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2005- May presentations made to Council requesting that the Victoria Rail Trail not be fully sanctioned as an ATV trail. There are other users to consider.

2005- Council approved sanctioned for one year with conditions. This was the catalyst for action to have a voice for other users of the VRT.

2005- June – meeting organized at the Community Police Building – Meeting room- standing room only- nearly 75 people attended to listen to speakers talk about what is needed for non motorized user’s voices to be heard.

2005- (at the end of June) 14 people came together to start to organize a group dedicated to mostly non motorized users. At this meeting the name “Kawartha Lakes Green Trails Alliance” was adopted. Dan Kaldeway was elected President. Membership comprised of individuals, Kawartha Cycling Club

2005- East Cameron Lake Rate Payers Association joins the Green Trails Alliance

2005- Summer and Fall- meetings were held to prepare for input and responses to the Kawartha Trails Master Plan- presentations were made.

2005- end of summer over 500 people had taken out memberships

2006- January-February incorporation papers were prepared

2006- April – Kawartha Lakes Green Trails Alliance became officially a not for profit incorporated organization- First Executive- Dan Kaldeway President, Bill Steffler Vice President, Barb MacPherson Secretary and Barb Rose Treasurer

2006- CHEST grant Committee approved $125,000 for the upgrade and paving of 1.6km of trail along the VRT

2006- Sept- Oct lobbied to candidates running for office to have the Trails Master Plan approved by the new incoming Council

2006- Late Fall major campaign to stop ATV use on our streets occurred

2007- January presentation to Council to stop ATV use on our streets throughout CKL- decision by Council to allow on Fenelon Falls streets

2007- March By Law passed making sections of the VRT for only non motorized use

2007- May – approved for grants from Ministry of Health Promotion- Trans Canada Trail Lesson Plans and Ministry of Tourism and Recreation – Geocaching Workshops

2007- June- VRT section of trail paved- immediately trail use tripled

2007- August- Official opening of the new paved trail

2008- April – section of VRT – Council approved 1.6km renamed Legacy Trail and access point at William Street named Victoria Junction