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Trail Cleanup for Spring 2016

1. Safety – The streets on the proposed route have high traffic volumes and are walking and cycling routes to schools, downtown and workplaces. Adding ATV’s to the mix is dangerous for existing traffic, pedestrians, cyclists and the ATV riders themselves.

2. Enforcement - Bylaw officers and the local police service are already at capacity with enforcing existing bylaws and vehicle traffic.

3. Quality of Life for ALL residents - Noise and dust levels will be increased.

4. Costs-There will be costs to tax payers for additional enforcement, road repairs, signage and staff time to implement this proposed road route. 

5. Economic Impact- Routing ATVs through the proposed road route does not provide access to many businesses, so there is minimal to no economic impact.

6. Losing the Legacy Trail as a safe community trail for walking and cycling – Community dollars have funded the paving and designation of the Legacy Trail (north portion of the VRTC) as an urban, non-motorized trail.  Slower trail users, including pedestrians, cyclists, senior citizens and mothers pushing baby strollers will be forced off the trail due to personal safety concerns.

7. Urban values – Routing ATVs through a large urban center like Lindsay goes against provincial and municipal policy direction to decrease motor vehicle use and improve cycling and pedestrian infrastructure. 

8. Market value – Living beside a trail in an urban area can add value or decrease the value of your house, depending on the uses allowed on the trail.

9. Dead End- the VRTC south of Lindsay is a dead end at Bethany.

10. ATVs are not to be on road according to the ATV manufacturers. Allowing them on our roads is presenting a risk for the riders to roll over and incur serious injuries.



An online survey located on the City’s website at is available for your input on this matter.

Written submissions can also be sent to
Public Works,
P.O. Box 9000,
Lindsay, Ontario
K9V 5R8
Attention: Michelle Hendry, Director of Public Works
or via email to  

2. Watch for and Respond to the newspaper ad that Calls for public input to allow this to happen.

3. Attend the Meeting Thursday, May 10th at 7:00 p.m. at the Victoria Park Armoury on Kent St. W. in Lindsay.

>>> Meeting details here <<<    >>>> Proposed Route Map (PDF) <<<

4. Call:

Mayor McGee- 705-324-9411 ext. 320
Councilor Dunn- 705-324-9411 ext. 322

5. Email the Lindsay Councilors:

Mayor McGee-
Councilor Pat Dunn-
Councilor Andy Luff-
Councilor Pat O’Reilly-